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Garmoza Anton

Garmoza Anton


General information

Russian Federation
Russian - fluent
English - fluent
French - can read documents without translation


Garmoza , Moscow
International Arbitration Counsel
Delcredere , Moscow
Associated Partner
International Centre for Legal Protection (ICLP) , Moscow
Dentons , Paris
Mannheimer Swartling , Moscow
Volvo Trucks , Moscow
In-house lawyer
United States (State of New York)

Experience as arbitrator

Served as arbitrator in 1-3 cases in international arbitrations
ICAC Rules

Examples of cases

Arbitrator in a dispute arising from a services contract.

Experience as counsel

Acted as counsel for 11-15 years in international arbitrations
ICC Rules
SCC Rules
ICSID Convention
Swiss Rules

Examples of cases

Advised the Russian Ministry of Justice in connection with the arbitrations on the basis of the Energy Charter Treaty initiated by the former shareholders of “Yukos” oil company. The overall amount in dispute exceeded USD 60 billion. Represented an Austrian trader in a dispute with a Mongolian energy company relating to the supply of liquified natural gas. SCC Arbitration Rules. Represented a French developer and asset manager in the real estate and hospitality market in a dispute with a state agency arising out of a shareholders' agreement. ICC Arbitration Rules. Represented a Russian power generating company in a dispute with a Spanish contractor over construction of a heat and electricity generating power plant in Russia. ICC Arbitration Rules. Represented a Bulgarian trading company in a dispute with a Spanish buyer over supply of coal. Swiss Rules. Applicable law – Swiss. Represented a major Russian construction company in an arbitration against a Chinese contractor regarding construction of a business-center in Kazakhstan. Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC). Applicable law – Russian. The amount in dispute – approximately USD 100 million.
quantum (damages) experts
construction experts
experts on Russian law, international law, law of various jurisdictions

General arbitration experience

Geneva and/or Zurich
Washington, DC
Russian law
French law
Swedish law
Swiss law
commercial arbitration
сonstruction arbitrations
investment arbitration
commercial arbitration
New York University (NYU), LL.M. in international legal studies, 2012
Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Ph.D, 2011, thesis "Establishing an arbitral tribunal’s jurisdiction on the basis of an investment protection treaty"
Arbitration Centre at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)

Education, qualifications, awards

Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts, Specialist (jurisprudence), Honors: Distinction, 2007
Birkbeck, University of London, MA in Philosophy, Distinction 2020
Former co-chair of RAA40

Preferences as an arbitrator

no general preference
no general preference
no general preference
no general preference
no general preference
Maximum deference to the right to present the party’s case
Rigorous control of the process by the tribunal
If it is a legal issue or an important factual issue
It is only for parties to decide and arbitrators should focus on resolution of the dispute

Personal preferences


Other information

Author of the Russian-language treatise on the jurisdictional issues of investment treaty arbitration: Investment Treaty Arbitration: Jurisdictional Issues, Infotropic Media (2012)