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Radnaev Victor

Radnaev Victor

Rybalkin Gortsunyan and Partners
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General information

Russian Federation
Russian - fluent
English - fluent


Rybalkin Gortsunyan and Partners , Moscow
Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev and Partners (EPAM) , Moscow
Associate, Senior Associate, Counsel

Experience as counsel

Acted as counsel for 5-10 years in domestic and international arbitrations
ICAC Rules
LCIA Rules
ICC Rules
SCC Rules
JAMS International

Examples of cases

1) CIS businessman vs CIS businessman, invalidity of the settlement agreement and a quantum meruit buyout claim out of, San-Francisco, CA law, JAMS International, c. USD 300m; 2) CIS creditor vs Russian state debtor, payment under an alleged settlement agreement, Stockholm, Russian law, SCC, c. USD 2 m; 3) US creditor vs Russian state parties, enforcement of the long term agreement on certain joint activities, Stockholm, English law, UNCITRAL, c. USD 350m; 4) International lessee vs Russian lessor, enforcement of the long term lease contract, Moscow, Russian law, ICAC, n/a.
experts on law

General arbitration experience

Russian law
English law
Ukrainian law
Swedish law
commercial arbitration
Has been involved in dispute resolution as counsel
ICC Advanced Arbitration Academy

Education, qualifications, awards

Moscow State University , PhD, 2007
Buryat State University, Lawyer, Honors: Cum laude, 2002
Legal 500 (Rising Stars), WWL Arbitration 2021 (Future Leaders – Non-Partners), Best Lawyers, Право 300
ICC Task Force on Corruption in Arbitration

Preferences as an arbitrator

IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest (subject to a limited ability to comply with para 3.1.4. due to the resignation and further lack of access to the firm's database to make appropriate checks).
no general preference
fully electronic
it is up to parties to decide
no general preference
Maximum deference to the right to present the party’s case
Rigorous control of the process by the tribunal
Only if it is a legal issue the arbitrators may wish to have submissions on
It is only for parties to decide and arbitrators should focus on resolution of the dispute