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Malinskaya Rimma

Malinskaya Rimma

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Address: Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) LLP, Capital City Complex Moscow City Business Centre 8 Presnenskaya Nab. Bldg. 1 Moscow 123100

General information

Russian Federation
Russian - fluent
English - fluent


Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner , Moscow
Senior lawyer, Counsel
Hannes Snellman , Moscow

Experience as counsel

Acted as counsel for 5-10 years in domestic and international arbitrations
ICAC Rules
LCIA Rules

Examples of cases

1. Russian bank v Cypriot guarantors, debt recovery under guarantees, London seat, LCIA Rules, English law, approx. USD 350 mln 2. Shareholders dispute in a Russian e-commerce company, claim for acquisition of the shares at a price determined by the tribunal, London seat, LCIA Rules, English law. 3. Disputes regarding breach of warranties and indemnities under sale of shares contract of a Russian insurance company, London seat, LCIA Rules, English law, approx. USD 13 mln 4. Several disputes between shareholders of a Russian bank related to M&A transaction, London seat, LCIA Rules, English law, approx. USD 300 mln. 5. Dispute between automotive sector companies for recovery of loss and penalty, ICAC Rules, Moscow seat, Russian law, approx. USD 1 mln. 6. Product supply dispute between food producer and its supplier under a supply contract, ICAC Rules, Moscow seat, Russian law, approx. USD 1 mln.
Russian law

General arbitration experience

Russian law
English law
commercial arbitration

Education, qualifications, awards

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University), Matsers degree, Honors: cum laude, 2003

Preferences as an arbitrator

IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration
Preferable fee rate to be communicated at request, no preferable fee structure.
no general preference
IBA Rules
printed submission and electronic exhibits
Bockstiegel method (allocating an equal amount of time to each party with their freedom to use it as they wish between opening, examinations and closing)
Maximum deference to the right to present the party’s case
Rigorous control of the process by the tribunal
If it is a legal issue or an important factual issue
It is only for parties to decide and arbitrators should focus on resolution of the dispute