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Andreev Dmitry Alekseyevich

Andreev Dmitry Alekseyevich

Monastyrsky, Zyuba, Stepanov & Partners (MZS)

General information

Russian Federation
Russian - fluent
English - fluent


Monastyrsky, Zyuba, Stepanov & Partners (MZS) , Moscow
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr LLP , London
Visiting Foreign Lawyer
United Kingdom
United States (State of New York)

Experience as arbitrator

Served as arbitrator in 1-3 cases in domestic arbitrations
RAC Rules

Examples of cases

Dispute out of a sales contract, claim for recovery of liquidated damages, amount in dispute 4 million RUB, RAC Rules, Russian law, sole arbitrator. Dispute out of a services agreement, claim for recovery of liquidated damages, amount in dispute 2 million RUB, RAC Rules, Russian law, sole arbitrator.

Experience as counsel

Acted as counsel for 11-15 years in domestic and international arbitrations
ICAC Rules
LCIA Rules
ICC Rules
SCC Rules
VIAC Rules

Examples of cases

Russian state corporation v CIS State, claim for recovery of compensation for expropriation of investments, Stockholm seat, international law, SCC Rules, approx. 2 billion USD. Cyprus investment companies v Russian banks, claim for reversal of the restructuring transaction involving replacement of loans with stock bonds, London seat, English & Russian law, LCIA Rules, approx. 650 million USD. Cyprus company v Cyprus company, claim for recovery of funds under a complex financial arrangement involving loans, share options and security collateral, Moscow seat, English law, ICAC Rules, approx. USD 50 million USD.
quantum (damages) experts
law experts

General arbitration experience

Geneva and/or Zurich
Russian law
English law
Ukrainian law
Cyprus law
commercial arbitration
commercial arbitration
investment arbitration
commodity arbitrations

Education, qualifications, awards

Pepperdine University, LL.M. in Dispute Resolution, 2015
MGIMO University, Master of Laws, Honors: with distinction, 2012
MGIMO University, Bachelor of Laws, Honors: with distinction, 2010
Co-chair of Young International Modern Arbitration, chair of the committee for interaction between arbitration and state courts Associate professor of Odintsovo Department of MGIMO-University

Preferences as an arbitrator

IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration RCCI Rules on impartiality and independence of arbitrators
no general preference
no general preference
fully electronic
no general preference
no general preference
Maximum deference to the right to present the party’s case
Rigorous control of the process by the tribunal
Arbitrators should encourage parties to settle the dispute including by making inquiries and/or steps such as encouraging participation of in-house counsel / management in hearings